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Pick of the day: Meet the fatherless kids, 20 years after 9/11

NEARLY 20 years after the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York, this moving documentary tells the life stories of six young people whose fathers were killed, either before they were born, or before they had a chance to meet. Here, the now grown-up children reflect on the loss of fathers they never knew. Dina (pictured) talks to us while wearing her dad’s shirt (‘It’s super fashionable, so that’s a plus’) and to her, he is more of an idea than anything else — her mum, Susan, gives talks about her father online, and Dina finds it easier to learn through watching those rather than asking her. The film as a whole is a thoughtful study of a grief that’s both collective and highly individual.

Shooting star: Amy Conroy

Critics choice: Paralympians sit down for dinner for five

Come Dine With Me Paralympics Special, 5pm, Ch4

Filmmaker: Paul Weiland directed the first Walkers crisps ads with Gary Lineker Filmmaker: Paul Weiland directed the first Walkers crisps ads with Gary Lineker

When it comes to bad taste, leave tortillas and yuppies in the 1980s!

The Secret World Of Crisps ★★★★☆

The White Lotus, 9pm, Sky Atlantic The White Lotus, 9pm, Sky Atlantic

Satellite choice: Twist and turn with the plot of Hawaii murder mystery, White Lotus

The Spikes Gang, 2.05pm, Paramount

Radio choice: Great Scott, it's a David Tennant drama!

■ WADING through Walter Scott’s prose can be tough going. The 19th-century writer produced a steady stream of novels and stories, plus yards of narrative poetry, all of which would have benefited from some fierce editing. David Tennant (pictured) stars in THE GREAT SCOTT: THE FAIR MAID OF PERTH (RADIO 4 EXTRA, 10AM, 3PM), a dramatisation of this tale of romance, heartbreak and betrayal, set in 14th-century Scotland, that takes a well-wielded claymore to Scott’s prose.

Are we safe in Nicole’s hands?

Kidman plays the charismatic guru at a wellness retreat. But what shocking secrets is she hiding?

Undercover: Niamh Algar as ‘Lizzie James’ in Deceit Undercover: Niamh Algar as ‘Lizzie James’ in Deceit

Plodding cops, daft ghosts... and a confession to my kids

Channel 4, Friday ★★☆☆☆

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