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Health recipes

Gloriously gluten-free: Sweet potato pizzas

Serves 4

Raspberry & coconut soufflés

Serves 6

Sweet but healthy: Dr Michael Mosley's delicious desserts

Serves 12

Summer salad: Pasta salad with peas, broad beans & ricotta

This all-in-one carbs and veggies dish has a simple flavour profile that makes it perfect for lunch, or to serve with fish or chicken for dinner.

Five stars! Delicious, healthy low-carb dinners

Serves 2

Slimming World special: Five scrumptious desserts

Serves 4

Slimming World special: Five tasty, low-calorie dinners

Serves 4

WeightWatchers Reimagined: Five delicious desserts to tempt your tastebuds

Serves 10

Who said dieting had to be dull? Five mouthwatering mains from WW Reimagined

Serves 2

Bellissimo! Five delicious healthier pasta dishes

Prawns, peas, pesto... whatever your taste, we’ve got it covered! 

Want to start meat-free Monday? Try these five vegetarian wonders!

Spicy bean burgers, loaded sweet potato tacos - you won’t miss meat with these flavour-filled feasts! 

Lettuce feast! Five super salads that’ll tantalise your tastebuds

Who said salads were dull? With these mouthwatering beauties, you certainly won’t feel like you're missing out! 

You CAN treat youself! Five delightful desserts for diabetics

Lazy tiramisu, chocolate & walnut muffins... delicious recipes taken from the Eat to Beat Diabetes and Low Carb dinner plans compiled by top chef Katie Caldesi.

Cooling dessert: Creamy mango, passion fruit and lime pots

Cashews make a brilliant dairy-free alternative to whipped cream. Because they’re mild in flavour they are also an ideal base to add fruit purées to, letting the fruit do all the talking

Delicious dinner: Minty lamb steaks with anchovy rainbow chard

A tomato salad goes very nicely alongside this speedy fry-up

Baking inspiration: Lemon and raspberry loaf

Ideal for anyone who can’t have dairy and it’s totally vegan-friendly. You can even go gluten-free. Move over, lemon drizzle!

Medical miscellaneous

All medical miscellaneous

Tiny tweaks: Take Omega-3 to reduce post-workout muscle soreness

TAKING omega-3 after exercise reduces muscle soreness, a study by Westminster University shows. Volunteers were given omega-3 or placebo capsules to take three times daily for four weeks. Then they all did exercise. Those given omega-3 had less muscle damage and inflammation.

Under the microscope: Jenny Seagrove

Actress Jenny Seagrove, 64, answers our health quiz

Try this: Biodegradable wipes

FRUIT + Veggi wipes are biodegradable and contain coconut oil, grape and corn extracts, for cleaning produce on the go — 50 wipes, £4.99,

Melody medicine: Improves how you walk

How music can benefit your health

Mood boosters: Doodling

Everyday activities that boost your happiness hormones

Sleep better with exercise

EXERCISE really does improve sleep, say scientists from the University of Saskatchewan in Canada. In a study of 114 women, those with better fitness levels slept around half an hour longer on average, and had better quality sleep — possibly because they felt relaxed, reports the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness.

A simple life: Meal planning

SMALL changes that can make a big difference to health. 

Rude health: Covid and erectile dysfunction

COVID-19 could damage the blood vessels that supply the penis, researchers have found. When tissue samples were taken from four patients with erectile dysfunction, two of whom had had Covid, these revealed that the inflammation and blood vessel damage caused by Covid also affect the genitals, reports the World Journal of Men’s Health.