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Want a slice of luck? Follow these great takeaway tips to get free pizza


It’s the ultimate annoyance, especially in these housebound times – you order a takeaway on a Friday night, wait for what seems like hours for it to arrive... and, when it does, it’s the wrong food.

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But if you’ve ordered a Domino’s pizza, it turns out, all is not lost – in fact, you’re in line for a bonus order of some free food.

According to Clarissa Hitchcock, a former manager at the pizza chain, the company has ‘the best policy ever’ when it comes to getting customers’ orders wrong.

In a now viral video clip on TikTok, Clarissa explains: ‘I worked at Domino’s as a manager for about a decade, and they honestly have the best policy ever if your order is wrong.

‘So here’s what’s going to go down. You’re going to call and you’re going to say, “Hey, this is wrong with my order”, and they have to do three steps.

‘First, they have to apologise to you, then they have to give you exactly what you want, and then they have to give you something extra.’

More than half a million people watched the clip, which was liked over 100,000 times, with many sharing their own mouth-watering experiences of the company’s generous complaints policy.

‘One time they made my wings wrong four times and I ended up with I don’t even remember how many boxes of wings,’ said one. ‘They just kept coming.’

Another added: ‘I got a completely different order a few years ago and they brought back my original order plus extra garlic bread and cookies.’

And another said: ‘Instead of just replacing the pizza they got wrong, they re-sent my whole order. Free food!’

Unfortunately, there is – as ever – a catch. Clarissa explains that if you complain about your order too many times and they think you’re lying, they will make a note in your file – which could result in you getting blacklisted from your local branch.

So don’t get greedy... there is such a thing as too much free food.