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Today's Features

Bad break: Reanne Evans (left), former partner Mark Allen (top) and the pair with their daughter in 2007 (bottom)

Snooker: Cue the Battle of the Exes

Today will see one of the greatest grudge matches in sporting history: in one corner, a UK snooker star. In the other, his bitter ex. So will they both see red?

Hard sell: A store in Glasgow, founder John Lewis (inset) and (left) a model in 1968

How Middle England’s favourite store was built by Britain’s meanest man

Today, John Lewis is a byword for caring capitalism. But, as a new book reveals, its founder was never knowingly under-cruel

Temptation: Catherine Zeta-Jones and Philip Franks as Mariette and Charley in the 1990s TV series Temptation: Catherine Zeta-Jones and Philip Franks as Mariette and Charley in the 1990s TV series

Hangover from hell that led to a kiss from heaven

They’re the stories that can transport you to a place of bucolic joy — without ever leaving home. As they’re remade for TV, treat yourself to a second helping from our special Darling Buds Of May summer series

Cainer — Your Stars

WE FROWN on all forms of addiction. We don’t like to see people searching around, in an unbecoming fashion, trying to meet a burning need. Yet aren’t we all in the same boat? Aren’t those of us who display less desperation just lucky enough to be living one step ahead of our needs? Whether it’s love, alcohol or money, we’re all happier when we’re confident our supply is stable. The good news is that, with Venus settling into your opposite sign, one of your most pressing needs has a good chance of being met. Be inspired! Maximise the energy of this week’s exceptional cosmic climate. Call your latest four-minute forecast: 0906 751 5601.

From Garfield to Fred Basset, it’s today’s cartoons


Linguine, avocado, tomato & lime

GUACAMOLE makes a great pasta dish. Serves: 2.

Two-tone effect: Abelias boast striking flowers Two-tone effect: Abelias boast striking flowers

Beauty that almost sank without trace

ON February 18, 1817, HMS Alceste hit a reef in the Java Sea a few weeks after setting sail from China to England. Fortunately, everyone on board escaped the sinking ship to a nearby island and a group was sent out on boats to organise a rescue. The castaways had to defend themselves against repeated attack by pirates, until they were saved 11 days later.

In the pink: Erica Carnea Nathalie heather flowers from January until April In the pink: Erica Carnea Nathalie heather flowers from January until April

Heavenly heathers

These beautiful moorland plants create a striking carpet of colour

Action plan

FLOWERS planted in summer pots and containers in May may be showing signs of fatigue.

Monty with a selection of  herbs from his garden Monty with a selection of  herbs from his garden

Thyme for herbs!

Hotter summers are great for growing Mediterranean herbs – and Monty Don has sage advice on how to help them thrive

Ask Monty

Q Our laburnum tree looks healthy and has doubled in size in four years but it has never flowered - is there anything we can do?

Monty’s plant of the week

As long as Tulbaghia has good drainage and protection from the worst winter frosts (anything below -5°C), it is wonderfully undemanding and equally decorative. There are over 200 species and cultivars, but T. violacea (pictured) is by far the easiest to get hold of. They all share the same pattern of delicate flowers carried for months on stems that arise out of grass-like clumps of foliage - and all need as much sun as they can get. Put in an unheated cold frame over winter and divide every three or four years, to stimulate more vigorous flowering.

This week’s job

Sowing now will allow lettuce and rocket to establish before the cold weather arrives. Sow in seed trays, transplant the seedlings into plugs, then plant out when growing strongly, spacing in a grid 25cm apart. Cloches or fleece will extend their season well into winter.

Rope bridge at the Eden Project Rope bridge at the Eden Project

Green fingered family

FEELING a bit limited by your cramped garden now we can all get out and about? Why not plan a great family day out by visiting a garden that has much more to offer than plants alone. From plots with great adventure playgrounds to one that will excite Harry Potter fans, here are ten of the best places that will keep everyone happy during the holidays.