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Met chief: lanes are slowing down police

DAME CRESSIDA Dick has said low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) delay police response times.

The Metropolitan Police Commissioner said yesterday the schemes make it ‘harder’ for officers to ‘get through the streets’. One officer said LTNs would stop him ‘chasing four people with machetes’.

Speaking on LBC’s Nick Ferrari radio show yesterday, she said: ‘I absolutely accept that it is really getting quite difficult for them in some places and our response times will suffer. And that’s frustrating for them.

‘On the other hand it may be other people’s deaths are reduced . . . trying to make our cities safer for cyclists, pedestrians and less pollution.’

London Mayor Sadiq Khan wants to press ahead with traffic reduction plans, but a High Court ruling in January found his guidance to town halls was ‘unlawful’ and ‘irrational’.