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The truth about graphs they used to delay freedom

How hospital admissions were cherry picked to look terrifying...

A GRAPH presented at Monday’s Downing Street press conference highlighted a worrying surge in hospital admissions for coronavirus.

But by focusing solely on data from the past two months, the slide obscured how hospitalisations are still 96 per cent lower than at the peak.

Daily admissions have averaged just 153 in the past week, and another 184 were recorded yesterday. In mid-January more than 4,000 patients a day were taken on to wards. And in April last year it was more than 3,000 a day.

And what happens when you look at numbers, not percentages

ANOTHER graph showed a dramatic reversal in the age profiles of those going to hospital.

Over-65s made up nearly two thirds of patients in previous waves of the pandemic. Thanks to the vaccine programme this has now fallen to just one third.

However, this does not mean there are suddenly large numbers of under-65s being hospitalised with the virus. If you look at the raw numbers, the number of younger adults being admitted remains tiny compared with the January wave. There were only 2,851 Covid admissions in England between May 16 and June 12 - compared with 95,172 in January.

Just 1 per cent of NHS hospital beds are being taken up by virus victims, 1,030 patients in total. Back in January it was 34,000.