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TV — Wednesday

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Nancy Kerr (9pm, Radio 2)
Nancy Kerr (9pm, Radio 2)

Soul Music 9AM, 9PM, RADIO 4 ★★★★

It’s hard to listen to Ravel’s Pavane For A Dead Princess without crying. In this collection of emotional stories, we hear about the effect that Ravel’s sublime piece of music has had on listeners, including a group of prisoners in Atlanta who found that the music unlocked buried sorrows and got them reassessing their lives.

Women Talking About Cars 6.30PM, RADIO 4 ★★★★

Sarah Millican shares memories of her father’s old Ford Granada, the scene of many a family drama. Sarah also tells Victoria Coren Mitchell about the day that a traffic jam led to desperate measures. This continuing series of women talking about the cars they have known will stir up motor memories for many a listener.

The Folk Show 9PM, RADIO 2 ★★★★

Nancy Kerr has been working with The Magpie Arc, a folk/rock/electric band that draws on top-class musicians from Sheffield and Edinburgh. Nancy and Martin Simpson, who’s also in the band, join Mark Radcliffe tonight to give us a sample of the music they’ve been making. They were due to be on a tour of the UK this summer, but are now working on extra new material, and will be releasing an album next year.

Things My MotherNever Told Me 11PM, RADIO 4 ★★★★

These days, parents are getting bossed around by their children. Older parents, more at risk from Covid-19, are being told by their offspring to stay indoors, eat healthy food and avoid irresponsible friends. In this first of a new comedy series, Sindhu Vee talks to fellow comedian Guz Khan and her other guests about lockdown and this odd new shift in family dynamics. SJ